Stock Fitting Evaluation

Having a consistent gun mount along with a properly fitted stock is imperative to reaching your highest potential in shotgun shooting. If you are missing either one of these, you are shooting inconsistently and missing targets.

We spend so much time and money on guns,ammo, lessons, club and target fees but we seldom see how well our guns fit us. After all, would a golf pro give you a lesson with a set of clubs that don't fit you? Of course not. In shotgun shooting your eye is the rear sight, therefore, when you mount your gun, your eye has to be in exactly the right place for the shot to go where you are looking. Just how important is that fact, well if your eye is 1/2" out of place on a 40 yard shot, the center of your shot pattern is 24" off where you are looking, you were not even close to hitting the target!

It is also about geometry, everyone is built differently so a gun that fits your friend, most likely won't fit you exactly or in some cases, not even close.

The goal to reaching your highest potential is to have a consistent, subconscious gun mount along with a stock that is fitted to you. No matter what type of shooting you do,Trap, Skeet, Five Stand, Sporting Clays, or FITASC,this is where all shooters should begin before taking lessons to learn and master the techniques in their discipline.

An evaluation session is approx 4 hours long for one gun at a cost of $550.00 plus target fees if any.

There is a fee of $100.00 for each additional gun to be evaluated.

Itinerary includes:
  • Evaluation of your gun mounting technique.
  • Laser evaluation to check gun fit and gun mount consistencies.
  • Checking your gun's barrel point of impact on a pattern board.
  • Impact testing on a pattern board.
  • Final evaluation paperwork with suggestions to work on for mounting technique along with written alterations, if any, that need to be done to the stock in order to obtain a proper fit.
Individual evaluations are done at Frankfort Sportsman Club in Mokena IL by appointment only.

I will come to your club with a minimum of 8 shooters.
(Your club must have a grease pattern board on the premises)

Call Alan Braner at 815-955-2074 with any questions or to make your arrangements.

Here is a testimonial from a gentlemen who had the evaluation and afterwards posted this on 

Okay. I dropped the coin last week and visited Al Braner at the Frankfort Sportsman Club. My gun fits now and I know that for a few reasons.

One, the shoulder pain I HAD BEEN experiencing disappeared and did not come back after shooting 100 shells on saturday.

Second, AL asked me to promise to devote one full box to shooting trap according to the method he developed. I failed the method twice on the first squad and scored 23. The remaining scores were 23, 24 , and 21 - meaning that I broke down on the process 7 more times. I ended the day with a score of 91 - something I hadn't been seeing lately.

Al did many measurements and we spent considerable time at the patterning board. After adding more cast off, I was putting shot after shot dead center on the board. I know where the barrels shoot and I am learning to trust the process of focusing ONLY on the target. I know that I miss when I look at the barrel - just a brief glance to check the beads. Practicing the mount Al helped me with does the job because I do it the same every time and the gun shoots straight. In that respect, it shoots where I look.

There was no pressure to have any work done. In fact, Al gave me a printout of my gun measurements and said I could have anyone I want make any corrections(such as changing the LOP). Al makes custom stocks and told me the process, though he never put on any pressure to have one made.

Perhaps I was just lucky, but it doesn't seem that way. My impression is that Al Braner took time one-on-one to help me and I'm seeing the benefits right away.

Now that the gun and mount are working for me I won't need to take time off to recuperate after a weekend of shooting.

If you have any questions about my experience fee free to call. Al did not offer any discount and did nothing to encourage me to write this post. I am delighted with what I received for my money. As always, free advice is worth what you pay for it.

Larry J. Frieders
Cell # 630-992-7513 


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