Stock #101
Butt Stock and Forearm Wood Only


Have your initials cut in grip cap

                    Custom Krieghoff K-80, Right hand, Parallel Comb Sporting Stock
                                    (Butt Stock and Forearm Only)

                                 Drop on Parallel Comb                 1  1/2"
                                 Drop at Monte Carlo                     1  7/8"
                                 Right Hand Cast Off                         1/4"
                                 Toe out                                            7/16"
                                 LOP                                             14  5/8"
                                 1 1/8" D/A Kick-eez Leather covered Recoil Pad
                                 Custom Checkering
                                 Extended Pistol Grip w/ ebony grip cap
                                 Palm Swell
                                 English Walnut
                                 Hard Gloss Finish
                                 Forearm Comes with Rosettes
                                 Exceptional Looking Stock

                                 Stock is used and sold as is
                                (Does not come with stock bolt)
Your initial can be installed in grip cap for an additional $145.00
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