Matt Lewandowski
 Elmhurst, IL

"Thank you for the great work you did on my Perazzi. Your changes to the stock have made a world of difference in my shooting. Since you gave me a proper fit I have shot in two tournaments and moved up two classes! When I came to meet you I thought I was going to need a completely new stock, I can't tell you how happy I am that you convinced me to just alter my current gun. Not only did I save a lot of money but I was shooting that night with what felt like a new gun.
Thank you again and I look forward to working with you again on all my future guns! "

Will Glusac
 Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

"The stock that was made for my Perazzi is one that I am very proud of. Al took a great deal of time to make sure the fit was exact and that I would be happy with the finished product. The workmanship on the stock is as good as any I have seen on the shooting circuit."

Bob Barnes
 Mokena, IL

Al has done work for me in the past on my Brownings. The work was always done with fine quality with a fast turn-around.(This was & is important to me after having guns sit at other stock makers for 6 mo.`s with nothing being done) I now have a Krieghoff K-80 that will being going over to him soon. There is no question in my mind on how it will turn out.(And I know I won`t be without it for 6 mo.`s) Thanks Al...

Frank La Giglia
 Orland Park, IL

Nice web site! I would like to thank you once again for the outstanding stock refunishing and comb work that you did on my two Browning 525's. Since you did the work, there has not been a shoot that I have competed in with those shotguns that some one hasn't complemented me on the stocks and asked " who and where did you get the stock work done by". Also thanks again for the miracle you pulled off fixing the stock on  my Rizzini O/U 20ga sporting clays shotgun.

Al Bretzer
Lemont, IL

Elite Custom Gunstocks ( Al Braner ) replaced the stock and forend wood on my Kolar T/S. The English Walnut finished product is beautiful and a head turner at the various shooting clubs that I frequent. The price was right and Al is a delight to work with.

 John Santefort
 Lansing, IL

I just wanted to write you a note about how much I am enjoying the stock you made for me. I was anxious to see what you would come up with when you said you could make me a gun stock that would help me with my gun mount because I broke my wrist and did not have full movement. I was extremely pleased with the tryout stock that you made for me. Since I have extra large hands, I was amazed by the way you made the palm swell match my hand perfectly. Also during the fitting, you discovered that my lead hand was twisting the bottom barrel on my overunder. The problem was that my left hand was gripping the groove in the far side of the forearm, so you took the groove out of the finish stock. The fitted stock you made for me has made a big difference in my shooting and the enjoyment I get out of it. I would definitely recommend buying a fitted stock from you because of all the hard work you put into my stock and the quality of the work I received.
Thank you.
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